Tokyo: A Head Full of Dreams Tour

“Why Tokyo? Why not watch Coldplay in Bangkok or Singapore”

I heard this question many, many times and I only have one answer…

None of us managed to go beyond the virtual room for Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Bangkok shows. We tried many times, I remember trying for Korea show while I was in a meeting. I never imagined I would be going to Japan because it was never in my list. Cherry blossom was just ‘meh’ for me. I did not see the hoohaa behind it but boy, I’ve never been so wrong in my life. I shrieked at the first sight of the least blossomed tree.

Buying tickets for Japan show wasn’t an easy process too. We had to enter a raffle ticketing system where you have to fill your credit card information and wait for the result. It was crazy, consdering of the number of people who applied for the tickets.

Our Tokyo trip was solely for Coldplay, others came after that.

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I was the last one in my group of friends to experience Coldplay concert since most of my friends went to their Singapore and Bangkok shows. Their concert was visually appealing to my eyes; the lasers, xyloband multi-colored lights, confetti, rainbow colored balls during Viva La Vida (I think?), shooting flames, everything! I can’t say the same thing about the crowd tho because it was… not something I expected (almost dead at some point). I was just wee bit disappointed that they did not play ‘Lovers in Japan’, they decided to go with their new song instead since the Japan show will be out in DVD.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
Xyloband: Blue
Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
Xyloband: Green
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Xyloband: Red
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Xyloband: Purple

Xylobands actually changed to yellow before Yellow was played.

Hearing Fix You live was another whole new level of emotional. I cried ugly tears during that song. I don’t think any concert could do the same thing Coldplay did. One thing about Coldplay concert, even if you are not their fan, you should experience it once and see what it can do to you.

It’s been almost two weeks now and I still haven’t gotten over the concert yet. It took me months to get over Foals, let’s see how long it will take this time around.

You can view the set list for Tokyo Dome show, here.


Neon Lights Festival

I have many things to update but I’ll start with Neon Lights Festival first, since that happened… a long time ago and I only managed to transfer all photos from my camera last night. Initially, it was just a trip with me and underscoresuff but we asked Echo & Nabil to tag along, and they did. (Two easiest people to ajak travel with) We only went there for a night because I was only there to watch Foals and Lucy Rose.

Funny story, I wanted to watch Lucy Rose but ended up sleeping at the train station because it was raining and I did not want to ruin my favorite pair of shoes. Talk about priorities.



At the end of the day, my shoes did not survive.


Neon Lights Festival in Singapore from Nadira Bajuri on Vimeo.

2016: Done and Dusted!

I haven’t been writing a lot, I spend most of my days watching Law & Order while browsing through Tumblr. I know it’s the second week of 2017 but I still want to blog about the things that happened to me in 2016.

Miss to Mrs
I got married on March 17th to a man usually found in either black or white t-shirt. It was the happiest day of my life and I still can’t believe that I DIY-ed a lot of my wedding stuff because I was a pinterest bride. I still don’t recommend doing things on your own, unless if you have a lot of time. Married life has been really good, everyday is a learning process. We still struggle but hey, no one said things are going to be easy after you get married.

Lost Tok Wan and Kak Mek
I lost my grandfather and mum’s bestfriend within two weeks. It’s not something I really talk with people. Not because I don’t remember them.. I still can’t talk about them without tearing up. Tok Wan’s room still smells like him and I can still see Kak Mek sitting in our kitchen. I miss both of them, so much.

New Hobby
I have developed an unhealthy habit of buying make up, without having any knowledge on how to use them. A year ago, I never thought I would buy make up every week.. I never even thought I would be highlighting my face just because I want to shine brighter than my future. I started watching Kathleen Lights around mid of last year and haven’t stopped since. I love how good makeup makes me feel. My husband is not to keen with my new hobby but whatever makes me happy. ;p

Completely Stopped Running
I got lazy but I should start running again this year. (I don’t have explanation for this because.. I was seriously lazy.

Traveled Just For a Concert
One of the reasons I decided to marry early. Kidding! But not really, my husband and I are concert-goers and when Foals announced their last tour for What Went Down in Singapore, we decided to wing it and bought our tickets, even tho our financials were not that good (priorities ;p) but it was worth it. We stayed in Pod Boutique Hostel, got stuck in the rain, totally smashed my favorite pair of Vans but it was worth it.

Honeymoon without Itinerary
Probably one of the best decision we’ve ever made together. We wanted a chill honeymoon and we got it. We went to Bali without having any plans, we only bought our flight tickets and booked our villa but it was really fun. I’d really love to go there again and explore all the places that we missed on our first trip.

I got really depressed with work around middle of last year. I felt stagnant while everyone was moving on, doing new things. I spoke to my manager but he didn’t think I was serious. I started applying jobs elsewhere and got one. I was contemplating on leaving when my project manager decided to give me a new role. I love what I do now, I get to coordinate meetings, learn new technologies and meet customers!

One thing that I can say about 2016 is… it really tested some of my friendships but I’m grateful for those who are still around.

This year, I decided not to have any resolutions because I suck at them but I promise I would write more. At least, twice a week. Kot.

2016 Playlist

Here’s a list of  some of the songs that I listened to this year. Some of it have been in my list since 2006.

  1. The Hush Sound – Hurricane
  2. Sleeping At Last – Light
  3. Sleeping At Last – Saturn
  4. Jimmy Eat World – 23
  5. Death Cab For Cutie – Tiny Vessels
  6. Sia – Dressed In Black
  7. Rihanna – Love On The Brain
  8. Lucy Rose – Shiver
  9. Coldplay – Lovers In Japan
  10. Foals – Give It All
  11. Foals – Spanish Sahara
  12. Coldplay – Everglow
  13. Mew – Comforting Sounds
  14. Daughter – Smother
  15. Lucy Rose – Place
  16. Daughter – Shallows
  17. Copeland – Chin Up
  18. Bloc Party – Signs
  19. Lindsay Lohan – Black Hole
  20. The xx – On Hold

My songs are sad, I know but if you have a list of your favorite sad songs, please let me know. 🙂

Colourpop Wagon

For someone who doesn’t wear make up that much, I am obsessed with Kathleen Lights’ videos and because of her, I have finally joined the Colourpop wagon and bought few of their products. I finally understood the hype.

I was torn to buy it at first but luck was on my side, Colourpop decided to grace us with free international shipping above $50. I bought 6 lip products and two super shock cheeks.

The purchase process was annoying though because some of the things that we wanted to buy were always out of stock. The waiting game was getting a bit disappointing but we pulled through because they were stocking up for a sale and not to mention our currency has been going up and down since two weeks ago. My purchase actually locked at USD1=RM4.40. I was surprise that it got delivered to my doorstep exactly two weeks after we bought it! They promised the soonest would be three weeks.

Colourpop definitely wins at packaging!
Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
Super Shock Cheek Highlighter: Wisp
Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Bumble, Lost, Love Bug, Screenshot and Speed Dial
Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Left; Super Shock Cheek Highlighter – Wisp Right; Super Shock Cheek Blush – Bardot

Their cheek products are super pigmented. I have nothing bad to say about them but I have a feeling their formula doesn’t mix well with our weather because I think it can melt quite easily since the texture is a bit… ‘bouncy’ and super creamy as well. The pigment is on point, definitely worth the price. Not sure how long it will last on my cheeks tho.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Top: Wisp; Below: Bardot
Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

I also bought their lippie stix but I don’t think I will be buying it again as it’s a bit too dry for my lips. I am sticking with their Ultra Matte, Ultra Satin lip products.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Lippie Stix – Brink

Below are the swatches for all lip products that I bought.

From top to bottom (below Bardot)

  • Ultra Satin Lip – Screenshot
  • Ultra Matte Lip – Speed Dial
  • Ultra Matte Lip – Bumble
  • Ultra Matte Lip – Love Bug
  • Ultra Satin Lip – Lost


I love how both satin and matte but at the moment, I am more drawn to their satin products since it has slightly glossy finish and their matte is really matte though but it is not drying. I prefer to use it without any lip balm because it somehow alters the colour. I think Colourpop has the same price range as Nyx but I can tell you that it is WAY better than Nyx. Definitely worth the hype.

I was swatching these with Zaahira just now and noticed that Speed Dial and (especially) Bumble are the closest dupe for Lolita II by Kat Von D. My friends know how obsessed I am with Lolita II and when I discovered this, I was beyond happy because it’s 1/3 of Lolita II price!

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
The bottom swatch is Lolita II

See, how close Bumble is to Lolita II?

I’ve tried all of their lip products and I love their formula. It is not patchy, it is creamy and it lasts quite long! Definitely going to take advantage of their free shipping again. Til then.