Colourpop Wagon

For someone who doesn’t wear make up that much, I am obsessed with Kathleen Lights’ videos and because of her, I have finally joined the Colourpop wagon and bought few of their products. I finally understood the hype.

I was torn to buy it at first but luck was on my side, Colourpop decided to grace us with free international shipping above $50. I bought 6 lip products and two super shock cheeks.

The purchase process was annoying though because some of the things that we wanted to buy were always out of stock. The waiting game was getting a bit disappointing but we pulled through because they were stocking up for a sale and not to mention our currency has been going up and down since two weeks ago. My purchase actually locked at USD1=RM4.40. I was surprise that it got delivered to my doorstep exactly two weeks after we bought it! They promised the soonest would be three weeks.

Colourpop definitely wins at packaging!
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Super Shock Cheek Highlighter: Wisp
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Bumble, Lost, Love Bug, Screenshot and Speed Dial
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Left; Super Shock Cheek Highlighter – Wisp Right; Super Shock Cheek Blush – Bardot

Their cheek products are super pigmented. I have nothing bad to say about them but I have a feeling their formula doesn’t mix well with our weather because I think it can melt quite easily since the texture is a bit… ‘bouncy’ and super creamy as well. The pigment is on point, definitely worth the price. Not sure how long it will last on my cheeks tho.

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Top: Wisp; Below: Bardot
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I also bought their lippie stix but I don’t think I will be buying it again as it’s a bit too dry for my lips. I am sticking with their Ultra Matte, Ultra Satin lip products.

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Lippie Stix – Brink

Below are the swatches for all lip products that I bought.

From top to bottom (below Bardot)

  • Ultra Satin Lip – Screenshot
  • Ultra Matte Lip – Speed Dial
  • Ultra Matte Lip – Bumble
  • Ultra Matte Lip – Love Bug
  • Ultra Satin Lip – Lost


I love how both satin and matte but at the moment, I am more drawn to their satin products since it has slightly glossy finish and their matte is really matte though but it is not drying. I prefer to use it without any lip balm because it somehow alters the colour. I think Colourpop has the same price range as Nyx but I can tell you that it is WAY better than Nyx. Definitely worth the hype.

I was swatching these with Zaahira just now and noticed that Speed Dial and (especially) Bumble are the closest dupe for Lolita II by Kat Von D. My friends know how obsessed I am with Lolita II and when I discovered this, I was beyond happy because it’s 1/3 of Lolita II price!

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The bottom swatch is Lolita II

See, how close Bumble is to Lolita II?

I’ve tried all of their lip products and I love their formula. It is not patchy, it is creamy and it lasts quite long! Definitely going to take advantage of their free shipping again. Til then.

Breakfast for three.

Zaahira, Ira and I have been friends for so long.. since primary school. We used to see each other a lot until Ira decided to work in Melaka so we would only meet up whenever there’s something big happening or when we properly plan for something. Recently, I decided to make them suffer with me. I made them wake up early to have breakfast with me. This. Is. A. Rare. Occasion since none of us are morning person. I used good lighting as an excuse to wake up early.

But they made me so proud, all of us woke up early and drove to TTDI just to catch up over stupid things.

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Not sure why but Quar/Tet changed their menu and I kind of miss their orange mandarin salad… and their egg’s benedict. But I settled for their big breakfast. The nice lady gave me extra salad when I mentioned about the change of menu. 🙂

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All of us ended up having big breakfast..

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And now, we’ll wait for the next breakfast. (Not another 4 years, guys)

Bali, Indonesia

Sometime last March, both of us flew to Bali for our honeymoon. It was our first trip together and we did not book any tours, everything was pretty much.. “Let’s Google it” and I loved it. Everything was spontaneous but we will not be doing it again since we spent more than we should have spent on our first day.

We wanted to do water sports activities but we ditched the plan and went sightseeing instead. Bali is a lovely place, I don’t mind going back again and revisit Uluwatu but definitely coming back for Nusa Penida.


#SUFFIANxNADIRA: Bride’s Reception Part 1

I was extremely relieved after my akad nikah ended. No more DIY stuff for me, no more stressing over catering and everything else because Felda took care of everything.. We only came to the dewan with our baju, backdrop and door gifts.

The morning was hectic; My sister and her friends had rehearsals, my sister couldn’t rehearse with the gamelan team because they came late, the person who was supposed to siapkan Suffian went missing, my hair started having oil patches, I couldn’t play the montage that I made the night before and etc. Normal wedding stuff……………..


We brought our akad nikah backdrop to the dewan
DIY props


See you in Part 2!

#SUFFIANxNADIRA: Solemnization Part 3

In case if you missed part 1 and 2, you can read it here and here!

I was definitely one pinterest bride (on a budget) and I started pinning exactly a year before the big day. I managed to execute most of the things that I liked and I was so happy with the outcome. I started doing my backdrop two months before since it took a lot of my time and as for my props, I couldn’t find something that I like, so I just created everything from Microsoft Word and let Zaahira fix anything that she finds annoying.

Since I was BIG on DIY thing, I baked my own cake and doorgifts. My mum did not want to give our door gifts but after persuading.. and telling I can definitely bake a cake and 4 trays of brownies just two days before event, she gave up and let me do it. But two of my bridesmaids came and helped me pack my door gifts. So, I saved a lot of my time there.

With our pengapits


Seeing this still makes me so happy! The fairy lights, welcome board and everything. I can’t believe I found most of the things that I want on Instagram and also


I am reaally in love with our solemnization video. Our photographer made this video just in time for our reception. Absolutely love the whole video and cried watching it during makan beradab.


Bride’s Attire: JepandJay
Groom’s Attire: Amaze Inspires
Photo & video: The Orked
Pelamin: Farrah Risz Bridal
Hand Bouquet: Flora by Liz
Cake: BakedbyNadira