I turned 24.

This post has been long overdue but since I have decided to relieve my uni days by staying up on a Friday night, I thought I should write about my birthday celebration. Celebrations.

I turned 24 few weeks ago. A month ago, to be exact and I had the best birthday. I did not expect to have so many celebrations because I told underscoresuff just few weeks before my birthday that I just want a low-key, game night thing because I am just too old for a night out.

Since my birthday was on Thursday, I took two days off so that I could have a long birthday weekend and he took a day off on my birthday so that he could spend the day with me. After asking him so many times where was he bringing me, I gave up. I decided to go ahead with his plans and let him have his ‘fun’ even though I was quite nervous. We went to Samira by Asian Terrace, a Thai restaurant by the lake.

The food there was delicious but I did not manage to take any pictures because both of us were famished when we arrived but after we had lunch, he surprised me with a birthday brownie that he had baked earlier, complete with birthday candles.

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Right before we went for karaoke, he asked me to open up his car boot to check out my birthday present and to my surprise, he got me a pair of Nike Air Max 1 that I have been eyeing for quite sometime.

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I thought the night was over but before I went back, he gave me another present.

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You win. Every single day.


My birthday #1

I complained about a lot of things for these past few weeks; because I had too much time in my hand until I ended up looking at old photos of me and my friends that I’ve clearly lost contact with. Come to think of it, the friends that I have right now are not the same faces that I used to hang out back then. But today, something happened that made me feel that I may have taken advantage of the good things that I have right now.

This morning, I was telling Farah that she could come over for lunch because I was really feeling like myself. We were texting back and forth the whole time until it got to a point that I felt sleepy while waiting for her, I decided to take a nap. I was in deep slumber when she called and I assumed that she was already waiting outside of my house and to my surprise, she told me that underscoresuff is here with her.

I opened the door and to my surprise, Farah brought pink and white balloon and she was holding a cake box to celebrate my birthday! I wanted to cry but since both of us are (still) quite foreign with our inner feelings, I just hugged her and kept on telling both of them that I have balloons.

I cannot express my gratitude for having such an amazing best friend in my life. She is definitely one of a kind and I am eternally blessed to call her my best friend. She always does this thing where I feel like crying but I can’t because both of us cannot handle feelings with each other. I am going to say this for the third time today, I love you Farah. Thank you for always having my back and always telling me that I am always enough as a person. You are my gem. 🙂

My gem

Ihmal Syamila Othman

I don’t tell my problems to many people, only the few that I really trust and each year, the number keeps on shrinking but there’s this one girl that I can always text when I feel like the world is not on my side. The thing that I remember the most about her is, it was a week before my birthday and I broke up with my (then) boyfriend. I wasn’t really feeling like myself so I turned off my mobile data to refrain myself from checking my Whatsapp and then one text came in

I barely get those kind of text messages and she did that just to make sure that I am doing okay. Probably one of the gems that you’d want to keep forever because of that heart of gold of hers. And two days ago, she is finally engaged to her long-time boyfriend and to be honest, I am having a hard time dealing with this. Even though I barely see her each month but we’ve been very close and she always make time to see me.

Hi Ihmal Syamila Othman,

Happy 25th birthday. Just 9 months to go before Abul seals the deal and I am so happy for the both of you. Thank you for being such an amazing friend. I did not want to write this on Instagram because I figured it’s a bit too emotional for me and both of us have this tough love issue. Anyways, I love you. 🙂

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Cannot believe you still keep that message. :’)