9; Bridal Shower

My surprise bridal shower was held last Saturday at Sugar Rush cafe and it was a funny one, because my bridesmaids had so many problems getting me out of the house to take my dress from my house (since they were worried that I might show up wearing t-shirt, jeans and sneakers) but Fiza was sneaky enough to ask me to accompany her wedding meeting and coffee session after that. She even asked me to wear make-up but I did not pickup on that.

The set up was amaze-balls! They told me that they were planning a hipster themed wedding but one of them said that I am a bit too hipster, everyday.. So it will defeat the purpose. So they went with a girly-Lana Del Rey themed bridal shower, which I absolutely loved!





To my bridesmaids; Thank you for organizing/planning this awesome bridal shower for me eventhough everyone has their own things to do. I had so much fun and I did not expect one bit of it even though some of you blurted out some things by accident but I guess wedding planning made my brain a bit slow (er than usual). See everyone on the 17th.




Travelogue: Penang

So the all girls trip finally happened after years and years of planning when to go, it finally happened! We chose Penang because we wanted the trip to be all about food but we ended up doing a lot of sight-seeing and all of us agreed that we had too much of Penang, not enough food. Which is.. weird since most people go to Penang rarely go back with an empty stomach.

But hey, I got to experience the famous ‘Nasi Kandar Line Clear’. The queue took 15 minutes but the taste, it was worth every second spent queuing up.

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I found our feedback during my last trip to Penang

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How girls travel ‘light’ for a one night trip. -_-

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You could find murals everywhere!

The famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear
The famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear

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I didn’t choose my offense, but okay.

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Bagels at Mugshot Cafe. Their delicious salmon with cream cheese bagel is a must try!

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My birthday #1

I complained about a lot of things for these past few weeks; because I had too much time in my hand until I ended up looking at old photos of me and my friends that I’ve clearly lost contact with. Come to think of it, the friends that I have right now are not the same faces that I used to hang out back then. But today, something happened that made me feel that I may have taken advantage of the good things that I have right now.

This morning, I was telling Farah that she could come over for lunch because I was really feeling like myself. We were texting back and forth the whole time until it got to a point that I felt sleepy while waiting for her, I decided to take a nap. I was in deep slumber when she called and I assumed that she was already waiting outside of my house and to my surprise, she told me that underscoresuff is here with her.

I opened the door and to my surprise, Farah brought pink and white balloon and she was holding a cake box to celebrate my birthday! I wanted to cry but since both of us are (still) quite foreign with our inner feelings, I just hugged her and kept on telling both of them that I have balloons.

I cannot express my gratitude for having such an amazing best friend in my life. She is definitely one of a kind and I am eternally blessed to call her my best friend. She always does this thing where I feel like crying but I can’t because both of us cannot handle feelings with each other. I am going to say this for the third time today, I love you Farah. Thank you for always having my back and always telling me that I am always enough as a person. You are my gem. 🙂

My gem

Bukit Jalil Marathon & Men’s Health Women’s Health Run 2015

Bukit Jalil Marathon 2015

So last year, all of us decided that it was a good idea to register for two runs in a month and one of us took the plunge to register for his first half marathon. The usual faces are always yours truly, underscoresuff, Syahmi and Abang Megat but this time around, Jasmin joined us. My timing was terrible because the route was too hilly for me and well, I did not train. I underestimated the route. Oh well.

IMG_229810499149_790134667746675_2026716902_n 11008243_553992454743971_708045695_n

Men’s Health and Women’s Health Night Run 2015

After years and years of persuading my two friends to join runs with me, these two finally caved in and joined their first ever running event. It really made my night when I saw these two, took thousands of pictures at the finishing line. Not only that, for a 12KM run, I did quite good (for me, at least).


IMG_2292I suffered from foot cramps for few days after Bukit Jalil Marathon because I have low arch feet and to be honest, before this.. I did not know that some shoes are custom for high/low arch feet and I bought my previous New Balance, just because it was pretty. I did not put my low arch into consideration. After months of contemplating, I splurged on Nike LunarGlide because according to review, it is the best running shoes for flat footers like me.

Til then!

X’s and O’s

You are not good at pretending you like someone

“What do you mean?”

It’s quite obvious when you don’t like someone… you just.. have this thing.. Even X noticed it

“So you’re trying to say that I am not subtle when I don’t like someone?”


“Is that a bad thing?”

Well, we are not in high school..

“And that’s why I don’t fake it. I don’t want the conversation to feel like it’s being forced..”

But don’t make it so obvious

“I am not going to be all ‘I miss you, I love you, babe’ to that person and then talk trash behind her back. If I don’t like, I won’t hang out.. It’s as easy as that”

I thought things like these only exist in high school

“I thought pretentious friendship only exists in high school”