2016: Done and Dusted!

I haven’t been writing a lot, I spend most of my days watching Law & Order while browsing through Tumblr. I know it’s the second week of 2017 but I still want to blog about the things that happened to me in 2016.

Miss to Mrs
I got married on March 17th to a man usually found in either black or white t-shirt. It was the happiest day of my life and I still can’t believe that I DIY-ed a lot of my wedding stuff because I was a pinterest bride. I still don’t recommend doing things on your own, unless if you have a lot of time. Married life has been really good, everyday is a learning process. We still struggle but hey, no one said things are going to be easy after you get married.

Lost Tok Wan and Kak Mek
I lost my grandfather and mum’s bestfriend within two weeks. It’s not something I really talk with people. Not because I don’t remember them.. I still can’t talk about them without tearing up. Tok Wan’s room still smells like him and I can still see Kak Mek sitting in our kitchen. I miss both of them, so much.

New Hobby
I have developed an unhealthy habit of buying make up, without having any knowledge on how to use them. A year ago, I never thought I would buy make up every week.. I never even thought I would be highlighting my face just because I want to shine brighter than my future. I started watching Kathleen Lights around mid of last year and haven’t stopped since. I love how good makeup makes me feel. My husband is not to keen with my new hobby but whatever makes me happy. ;p

Completely Stopped Running
I got lazy but I should start running again this year. (I don’t have explanation for this because.. I was seriously lazy.

Traveled Just For a Concert
One of the reasons I decided to marry early. Kidding! But not really, my husband and I are concert-goers and when Foals announced their last tour for What Went Down in Singapore, we decided to wing it and bought our tickets, even tho our financials were not that good (priorities ;p) but it was worth it. We stayed in Pod Boutique Hostel, got stuck in the rain, totally smashed my favorite pair of Vans but it was worth it.

Honeymoon without Itinerary
Probably one of the best decision we’ve ever made together. We wanted a chill honeymoon and we got it. We went to Bali without having any plans, we only bought our flight tickets and booked our villa but it was really fun. I’d really love to go there again and explore all the places that we missed on our first trip.

I got really depressed with work around middle of last year. I felt stagnant while everyone was moving on, doing new things. I spoke to my manager but he didn’t think I was serious. I started applying jobs elsewhere and got one. I was contemplating on leaving when my project manager decided to give me a new role. I love what I do now, I get to coordinate meetings, learn new technologies and meet customers!

One thing that I can say about 2016 is… it really tested some of my friendships but I’m grateful for those who are still around.

This year, I decided not to have any resolutions because I suck at them but I promise I would write more. At least, twice a week. Kot.

2016 Playlist

Here’s a list of  some of the songs that I listened to this year. Some of it have been in my list since 2006.

  1. The Hush Sound – Hurricane
  2. Sleeping At Last – Light
  3. Sleeping At Last – Saturn
  4. Jimmy Eat World – 23
  5. Death Cab For Cutie – Tiny Vessels
  6. Sia – Dressed In Black
  7. Rihanna – Love On The Brain
  8. Lucy Rose – Shiver
  9. Coldplay – Lovers In Japan
  10. Foals – Give It All
  11. Foals – Spanish Sahara
  12. Coldplay – Everglow
  13. Mew – Comforting Sounds
  14. Daughter – Smother
  15. Lucy Rose – Place
  16. Daughter – Shallows
  17. Copeland – Chin Up
  18. Bloc Party – Signs
  19. Lindsay Lohan – Black Hole
  20. The xx – On Hold

My songs are sad, I know but if you have a list of your favorite sad songs, please let me know. 🙂


Just 37 days left before the big day.

I still cannot believe that I am marrying the guy I saw at Farah’s surprise birthday. I was talking to my friend about all of us getting married soon and one of them still can’t believe my big day is coming up since she remembers what I said two years go..

“Pretty sure I am one of the last to get married… maybe when I am thirty”


I still have a lot of things to do before the big day but…. I am procrastinating. Anyways, our photographer just gave us our pre-wedding photos. Super happy with the result! We wanted (well, me) color powder theme pre-wed photos since he missed out last two year’s Color Run. At first, I tried to make my own color powder but the powder turned out to be very dry and the color did not stick to my clothes that well. I started searching high and low for the original holi colors and found it in Brickfields.

The color did not just stick to my clothes really well, our tops ended up in the trash after the 6th time trying to wash off the color. But hey, after seeing all of the pics.. all worth it.


Table for one, please.

I rarely eat with my colleagues and sometimes, I find myself avoiding them with lame excuses.

My mum is joining me later for lunch

I’m going to have lunch with my friends

I need to do work

But the truth is, I find peace in solitude. My work at times consists of meeting clients, never-ending conversation with colleagues. Thus, I’d like to have that solid one hour break all by myself. I’ve had many people telling how anti-social I can be but I am not, sometimes you just feel tired of communicating with people, your mind just decides to shut down for a while.

The thing is, you should not sympathize when you see one has lunch alone or decides to watch movies alone because to me, that signifies independence which I can see most people are lacking off. Going shopping by yourself is not sad, it can be more fun. No one judging the red flannel that you are trying out, or the flare jeans that you have been dying to have..

I am not saying that you should always do things on your own. Do it at your own pace, because the result might be pleasing. I know it might sound like you have to step out of your comfort zone (for some who have not done this) but try it once! Live a little, on your own. Some might call you a loser for doing things on your own but hey, pretty sure those who call you that are not happy with themselves until they can’t even find a fraction of fun to do something on their own. 😉

Til then.

This is for the girls who feel guilty about moving on too soon

This is for the girls who feel guilty about moving on too soon.

Dear you,

This serves as a reminder that it is fine for you to move on and find something better for yourself because despite of what everyone says about you being ‘too easy’ to fall for someone new, you know what’s better for you. You are not a tree, you are free to gravitate towards something new!

Don’t feel bad when people say you move on too quick because why do you want to hold onto something that doesn’t make you happy anymore? Just because you move on too quick, doesn’t mean you didn’t love that person. It simply means your heart is ready to forgive and forget. Which is the best thing to do. Why do you want to dwell on your past when you can start new.

Some of my friends used to ask why did I move on too quick? My answer is simple. Why do you want to submerge yourself in all these sadness when you can be happy. Why do you want to be hard on yourself just because everyone else is questioning you? My simple advice is, take whatever that life has to offer. Be happy. Because there’s a big chance that the people who mock you for moving on too quick, are not the same people who listen to your cries late at night. 🙂